Behaviour consultations can cover:

- Aggression issues

- Anxiety issues (fears of unfamiliar people, children, car rides, objects, or environments i.e. vet practices, grooming parlours, kennels)

- Noise sensitivities (if your dog is nervous of sounds, such as fireworks or gunshots)

- Resource guarding (possessiveness of items such as; food, bed, toys etc.)

- Reactivity issues (lunging and barking at other dogs, cars, vans, cyclists etc.)

- Separation related problems (if your dog  struggles to be left alone)

- Excessive barking 

- Destructive chewing 

- House soiling (toileting issues)

- and any other behavioural issue!

Initial 2 hour consult (home visit), written report with treatment plan and follow up support options: £150


Initial consult & 1 hour follow up: £185

Initial consult &  2 x hour follow ups: £215

Veterinary referral will be requested for behaviour problems, either you can ask your vet to complete the form which can be downloaded below, or I can request referral on your behalf. You will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire prior to a consultation.

Helping clients across Norfolk and Suffolk with dog behaviour and training problems. For more information and to book call: 07917718373

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