1-2-1 Dog training

1-2-1 sessions are suitable for troubleshooting training issues.

1 hour session: £45

3 x 1 hour sessions: £120

These sessions are perfect to help you with:

- Recall (ensuring your dog reliably comes back to you when called, no matter what the distraction!)

- Lead walking (stopping pulling)

- Teaching your dog to settle

- Focusing under distraction

- Socialisation

- General obedience training (sit, lay down, stay etc.)

- Cooperative Care (helping your dog to happily accept grooming/ handling)

- Preventing attention seeking

-  and much more!

Training sessions will take place at your home, or at another suitable and convenient location. 


Get in touch today, to discuss your dog's training needs!

Helping clients across Norfolk and Suffolk with dog behaviour and training problems. For more information and to book call: 07917718373

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